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Join the 87% of women who are LEAK-FREE in 12 weeks or less!

Take Our Pelvic Floor Power Quiz

Take Our Pelvic Floor Power Quiz

Do you have a powerful pelvic floor? Does it support you, help you stand tall in your day-to-day life and keep you feeling strong and like the powerful woman you are? Or does your pelvic floor make you feel weak, insecure, and afraid to take that run, go on a date, have a laugh? You’re powerful at work, in the home and among your community. But if bladder leakage has become a common occurrence in your life, then you might be experiencing a weak pelvic floor, and we created a quiz for you to find out. 

At INNOVO, we’re on a mission to help women all over the world understand their pelvic floor issues, as well as how the pelvic floor relates to bladder leakage and how INNOVO can help treat stress urinary incontinence so that you can reclaim your pelvic floor power.

Our non-invasive, at-home solution is designed to treat SUI with a single pair of smart shorts. Each short contains eight panels that deliver multipath technology to engage the pelvic floor muscles to perform 180 precise kegels per session. When used for 30 minutes a day, five days a week for 12 weeks, 87% of women are leak-free. 

“I want to shine a light on the subject of incontinence, one of the last taboo women’s health topics,” says Dr. Ruth. “Women should not be told leaks are a normal part of aging or childbirth, with the only ‘solution’ being to cope with symptoms using pads. With INNOVO, a real solution exists. One that treats the root cause by strengthening and enhancing the coordination of the pelvic floor muscles, giving women the opportunity to live a leak-free life.”

So what’s the first step on your journey to dryness? Understanding what’s going on with your body. That’s why we created our Pelvic Floor Power Quiz, to educate you on what you might be experiencing, so that you can access the right type of care, and determine whether INNOVO is right for you.