Sabrina's Dry Run

I began leaking a bit since I started running eight years ago. Every time I would go out for a run, I would end up peeing my pants. I just felt like I had no control. 

It was embarrassing. Before marathons, I’d wear darker shorts so people wouldn’t see what was happening. But I didn’t know what I was going through. I just thought it was normal.

I discovered INNOVO and started using it in October in preparation for the New York marathon. In joining the INNOVO community, I realized how many women were going through what I was, and how they felt so embarrassed to talk about. It’s more common than everyone thinks. Especially as a runner who experiences so much impact on the lower body and on my muscles, it’s so common, and yet no one talks about it.

I started my 30 minute INNOVO workout about five times a week, and my leaking became so much better. This past February, I ran the Miami half marathon, and had no issues whatsoever - I was leak-free. That’s when I really felt the difference.

I love how INNOVO can be part of your daily routine. You can take it anywhere. It fits into every bag. I took it to Germany, I took it to Miami. I do it mostly at night when I’m watching TV or sometimes in the morning when I’m having my coffee. It all depends on the day. There’s such value with INNOVO. It’s so worth the money both physically and mentally. I feel more confident than I’ve ever been.