Liz's Postpartum Leaking Story

Giving birth is a miraculous feat of nature. It also wreaks havoc on your body. Following childbirth, many women experience perineal pain, achy breasts, and constipation - and that’s just the “normal” stuff. There’s stress urinary incontinence, a common condition that affects up to 31% of postpartum women. We spoke to Mom of 2 Liz Dean who is now leak-free after using INNOVO.

Did you know I had to have reconstructive surgery on my lady parts after birthing Rainier? He tore me up so badly, they couldn’t stitch me up right. For a few weeks after birthing Rainier, I could barely stand without extreme pulling pain down there. I couldn’t even stand still. So a month later, I had reconstructive surgery but I was STILL having issues with my pelvic floor recovering. I love playing with my kids and every time they wanted mommy to come on the trampoline with them, I had to say no since I knew jumping around would cause me to leak!

Now that I’m done having kids, I’m ready to reclaim my freedom and stop leaking for good. With the incredible help of INNOVO, I’m starting to see and feel my pelvic floor strengthening, it’s amazing! I’ve been using INNOVO for 4 weeks and can now jump on the trampoline freely, laugh as hard as I want and exercise without leaks.



INNOVO is a non-invasive and FDA-cleared technology that is clinically proven to eliminate leaks in 12 weeks from the comfort of your own home by strengthening your pelvic floor. Each session gives you 180 perfect Kegels. More than 40% of women experience SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence). INNOVO is the only permanent fix and gets to the root of incontinence - time to say goodbye to pads, liners, leak proof underwear or other temporary solutions!