My INNOVO Journey - Patty, 65

A little bit about me.

I am an active, divorced mom of two adult daughters. I've run a marathon, enjoy hiking, and am now just getting into kickboxing.

My first experience with bladder leaks.

I started to suffer from incontinence after the birth of my first daughter in 1983.

How bladder leaks made me feel.

Ashamed, embarrassed, and unclean.

What I tried before INNOVO, with no results.

You name it, I tried it! Everything from talking to a doctor to changing my diet!

When I started to see results with INNOVO.

I started to see results in just 2 weeks!

How I feel now that I no longer need to worry about bladder leaks.

I am no longer embarrassed to go for walks, hikes, or on vacations!

My advice for other women suffering from incontinence.

You do NOT have to suffer or be embarrassed about this problem. No one talks about it but we all suffer in silence. Try INNOVO. It truly works.

Updated on Nov-25-21

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