5 Wardrobe Choices to Try Once You’re Dry

Hello, leak-free living! If you’ve dealt with urinary incontinence and come out the other side, you know just how deeply it can affect your life—right down to what you wear. In fact, many women say that pee problems limit their wardrobe and make them skip over certain trends.

So, when you’re finally dry, embracing your stylish side is a no-brainer! There’s no better way to start than with these fun fall fashion tips.

Go For High-Waisted Jeans

Think about the days you saw all those other women rocking their trendy high-waisted denim and thought, There’s no way I could get a pad in there. Girl, now that your pee issues are out the window, it’s time to slip on those waist-cinching jeans. For a flattering fall fit, pair them with a tucked-in turtleneck (it will keep the look streamlined) and a blazer. A low heel completes the look (and your legline!).

Cozy Up in Leggings

Sleek, stretchy leggings paired with a cropped sweatshirt? The cutest. And now that you don’t have to worry about wet spots showing or a pad bulging, you can actually wear this type of look. Hot take: Don’t just stick to sportier looks with your leggings. Get a look that’s perfect for brunch with the girls by pairing them with an oversized sweater and flat, knee-high (or over-the-knee) boots.

Yes, You Can Wear White Pants

First, know this: White after Labor Day is a total YES. Skinny white jeans or pants paired with an off-white sweater or t-shirt and leather moto jacket look incredibly chic on brisk, fall days. Since you’re no longer having to worry about yellow stains popping up, you don’t have to only reach for tops that cover your bum. If you’re shopping for the perfect white jeans, look for a thicker denim that won’t show every bump, and pick an ankle length hem—this will allow you to pair them with just about any shoe.

Dress to Kill in a Jumpsuit

Remember when just the thought of a jumpsuit made you leak? Ah, memories! Now that you no longer have to think about how quickly you can get out of an outfit to clean up an accident, you’re free to slip on a jumpsuit the next time you’re going out on the town. Wide leg options feel now—just be sure the one you choose cinches in at the waist and is fitted up top, so it doesn’t overwhelm your frame.

Say Hello to Leather Leggings

Channel your inner rockstar with leather leggings that look painted on. While leaks and leather don’t mix, now that you're dry, you’ve got nothing to worry about. To keep your look interesting and on-trend for fall, pair this slick fabric on bottom with something more sumptuous on top—like a thick cable knit sweater or a sherpa-lined jacket. Mixing textures in this way is unexpected and adds visual interest.

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